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Library in the ArcheAge from An Interview

Gazing upward while on one of Ayanad Library's floors, you'll notice that they generally fade out into nothingness. This is ArcheAge  tips because the library spans multiple dimensions. "Even though there's multiple floors, it disappears... it's the way a specific floor interacts with a different dimension."

"The goal of the library is to supplement the player's journey to level 55."
There are rare creatures and quests that spawn completely at random throughout the library. An example Merv gave is helping to gather eight pieces of a portrait from a mage of Ayanad Library, which then becomes a housing item. World bosses can also spawn in the dungeon; regardless of your faction, you can contribute effort toward the fight, with everyone in the area receiving the kill quest and after its death, a reward.
Above each floor is what Merv called a "break room". Apart from being a general hub, this lobby area links to boss or 5-man challenge instances, as well as the next floor of the library. You can also obtain daily quests within the dungeon; these cycle depending on the day of the week.
"The lore is really deep, a lot deeper than players know. We're working on a piece for our website where we're going to reveal some of the lore behind ArcheAge, the backstory of the world, that sort of thing. It's not something that directly correlates with the game, but it's more of the history of the world from a storytelling perspective instead of a gameplay one.
"A lot of people don't know, but the lore behind ArcheAge is actually from a book series. It's a Korean authored series and it's pretty popular over there, so we're translating some of those original works and they'll be available on the website."
Finally, the third floor has a celestial vibe, with constellations found throughout the level. "It's the most pristine—preserved—floor in the library. It's got these nice marble floors... and everyone's a bit more sane up there."